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My passion for photography began during my teenage years and continues to this day. I worked for a while as an editorial photographer but made the commitment to concentrate my effort on nature photography over 20 years ago. My work is mainly project based – some are long term projects that may take years to unfold. Much of my work is published locally in Iceland and does not reach a wider international audience.

I started leading photography tours in Iceland long before the country's current popularity as a photographic destination. I still guide photo tours and share my view and approach to landscape photography on workshops in Iceland and have extended that to Svalbard and Greenland in the High-Arctic.

I have another lifelong passion – the fascination with birds. They are simply the most wonderful of creatures and not only do I enjoy photographing them but also just the simple pleasure gained from watching a bird in its natural habitat. My love for birds has made me become actively involved in conservation and I've been on the board of directors for Fuglavernd (BirdLife Iceland) for nearly two decades.

If you are looking for a local guide and photo instructor for an Iceland adventure then look no further. If you do not find a tour or workshop that fits your schedule or interest then I'm also available for private guiding. Please use the contact page if you would like to get in touch.


"Daníel Bergmann is one of those rare individuals who can both display the splendour of the Icelandic landscape in all its glory and also see beyond the familiar. He not only brings a fresh eye to even well known sights but he also reveals the connections and beauty lying beneath surface appearances that most of us miss. Acquiring this skill is no trivial matter but one born out of years of dedication and passion."

David Ward
From the introduction to Iceland Landscapes, 2011

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